Milldam Marker Controversy

The Milldam Marker Concord Massachusetts has been removed due to some controversy that the information posted on the sign is not verifiable. However, looking at the Amos Doolittle print from 1775 you can clearly see that the river was dammed to create a pond. The river still exists, but runs through a culvert under Main Street. The river was dammed or perhaps modified after a beaver dam to run a grist mill. At first there was a walk, then a cart path, then a road over the years from about 1636. They just kept adding soil. In the 1800’s the dam was removed and the pond drained to make way for a “new” Main Street and new shops. The area is known as the Milldam. A very popular attraction with unique boutiques, art galleries, fashion and a strong culinary scene. So for all practical purposes the sign was a credible marker. Research by Don Campbell