African American History – Robbins House

African American History of Concord Massachusetts

The Robbins House – 320 Monument Street, Concord, MA – Location – “This house is one of the only known historic sites commemorating the legacy of a previously enslaved Revolutionary War veteran” – Read More

The Robbins House: Antislavery, Environmental Justice, and Thoreau – Read More

Walking Tour – African American and Anti-slavery History Sites in Concord – Download the Map

Underground Railroad Meaning Thereof:
“The Underground Railroad – Enslaved blacks and their white sympathizers planned secret flight strategies and escape routes for runaways to make their way to freedom. Although it was neither subterranean nor a mechanized means of travel, this network of routes and hiding places was known as the “underground railroad.” Some free blacks like William Still were active “conductors” on the underground railroad, while others simply harbored runaways in their homes. Maps in the Library’s collection show the routes of the underground railroad, and books like this one contain first-person accounts of those who took this perilous route to freedom.” Read More