Historic Concord

Just west of Boston, Concord is a visually attractive New England community. Home to famous authors: Alcott, Emerson, Fuller, Hawthorne, Thoreau … A historic powerhouse. Iconic landmarks, great boutiques, shops and restaurants. A tourist attraction with intellectual depth. You will find an engaging, welcome, polite environment.

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– Main Historic Attractions – Full Addresses
– Arts Galleries Concord MA – Milldam Area
– Navigate Sleepy Hollow Cemetery with Plus Codes
– Underground Railroad – “Slaves were brought …”

Things to do in Historic Concord Massachusetts:
Shop Downtown Concord
Historic Cemeteries
Performing Arts
Ranger Programs and Tours
Coffee, Eateries, Restaurants
Thoreau’s Cabin
Walden Pond

Local Events to See & Do:
– Stories of Concord’s Past – CJ Johnson
– The Wayside: Home of Authors – June Hours
– Riverfest 2024 – Saturday, July 27, 2024
– Concord Art – Current Exhibitions
– Three Stones Gallery – “Call Me Forward, Call Me Back”
– The Umbrella Announces – 2024/25 Theater Season
– What Makes History – To August 18th

Discover Concord – Key Sources of Information:
– Concord Walking Tours – Where History Happens
– Visitor Center Walking Tours – Schedule
– Umbrella Arts – Ongoing
– Concord Art – Ongoing
– Concord Museum – Ongoing
– Shot Heard Round the World – Interactive
– Concord Library – Ongoing
– Living Concord – All the Buzz
– Discover Concord Magazine – Visitor Focused
– The Concord Bridge – Stay Connected
– Concord Land Conservation Trust – Open Space
– Walden Woods Project – Preservation
– Mass Literary Events – Calendar

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Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Concord Massachusetts – Authors Ridge. Resting place of famous authors Louisa May Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Henry David Thoreau – Read More

Visit Concord MA Starts Here – Navigate to Main Street at Keyes Road, Concord, MA 01742 – Plenty of free parking. Public Bathrooms are open Daily 7am to 7pm all year long – Google Map

Historic District – Milldam Restaurants, Boutiques and Books

Visit Concord MA – Get the Official Concord Visitor MapNavigate

Walking Tour – African American and Anti-slavery History Sites in Concord. Includes Underground Railroad Stops – Download the Map

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