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Concord Bookstores – A day trip to Concord Massachusetts would not be complete without a visit to a number of downtown bookshops. Concord’s bookstore owners know the history of Concord extensively and can assist with any questions.

Concord Bookshop

The Concord Bookshop – 65 Main Street – An independent, full-service, general bookshop offering a diverse and distinctive selection of books for all ages – Read More

Barrow Bookstore – 79 Main Street – Rare and Gently-Read Books – The Barrow Bookstore specializes in Concord authors and history, children’s books and literature, and has a general selection of gently read and rare titles. – Read More

Barefoot Books – Bradford Mill – Visually captivating books that celebrate diversity, spark curiosity and capture children’s imaginations – Read More

In the heart of downtown Concord there are two great shops with a collection of books and antiques. Both on Walden Street. Thoreauly Antiques and Walden Street Antiques. We have found a number of great books!

Shop at Walden PondRead More

The Thoreau SocietyRead More

Alexander Cain’s – Historical Nerdery – Read More

Transcendental Concord – An international online community where lovers of literature, philosophy, and history can discuss, watch, listen and learn about the amazing writers and reformers who gathered in Concord from the 1830s to the 1860s – Read More

Wright Tavern Legacy Trust – The Wright Tavern is a special and unique place in the history of Concord, Massachusetts and our nation. Located in the heart of Concord Center, the Wright Tavern functioned as a colonial tavern beginning in 1747 and then went on to play a major role during the American Revolution – Read More

Must Reads:
Alcott’s – “Little Women
Emerson’s – “Nature
Thoreau’s – “Walden

Literary Deep Dive:
“American Bloomsbury“
– by Susan Cheever
“Concord and the Civil War“
– by Rick Frese
“Concord in the Days of Strawberries and Streetcars“
– by Renee Garrelick
“Historic Concord and the Lexington Fight“
– by Allen French and Leslie Perrin Wilson
“Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy“
– by Anne Boyd Rioux
“Minutemen and Their World”
– by Robert A. Gross
“Paul Revere’s Ride”
– by David Hackett Fischer
“The Transcendentalists and Their World”
– by Robert A. Gross