Itineraries for the Day Tripper

Itineraries – Self-Guided:
Concord, Massachusetts has many points of interest. Walking trails, eateries, antique shops, apparel, footwear, bookstores and of course HISTORY. Lots of it !!

Get Your Bearings:
The way we visit Concord to discover and experience its uniqueness is to walk to all the points of interest from the visitor center located at 58 Main Street. It is in the center of town with plenty of free parking, clean restrooms, brochures, and an information center. It is a good place to start any day-trip. Especially if you like to walk. The staff is SUPERB !!

Itinerary 1 – North Bridge:
North Bridge and the Minute Man Visitor Center which has historical exhibits, books, gifts and a staff of well read history experts that can inform you on any aspect of the revolutionary war. There are gardens and walks around the building – Read more  And if of course you want to end a good walk with a light lunch or coffee. Refer to our restaurant eatery list.

Itinerary 2 – Antiques – Collectibles – Books:
In the heart of downtown Concord there are great shops to explore the world of books, collectibles and antiques all on Walden and Main Streets. Thoreauly Antiques and Bookshops with ALL the History – The Concord Bookshop and Barrow Bookstore.

Itinerary 3 – Fashionista Scene:
Concord is home to a number of apparel boutiques. To name a few: Grasshopper Shop of ConcordSara Campbell LtdIrresistiblesBlueFootStock (Footwear) etc. All these shops including a number of book stores and restaurants are in the Milldam area. That is the walkable area of Main Street between the Visitor Center at 58 Main to the Square.

Itinerary 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 …
Alcott Orchard House – Read More
Concord Museum – Read More
Emerson House – Read More
Emerson – Thoreau Amble – Read More
Hawthorne House – The Wayside – Read More
North Bridge – Read More
Old Hill Burying Ground – Read More
Old Manse – Read More
Robbins House – African American History
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery – Read More
South Burying Ground – Read More
Thoreau Farm – Read More
Walden Pond – Read More
Wright Tavern – Read More

A trip we take often is to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery to visit Authors’ Ridge. Resting place of some of the world’s most famous authors. Alcott, Emerson, Hawthorne, and Thoreau. Not to mention my Scottish relatives that founded the Concord Domestic Bakery which is now Helen’s Restaurant around 1898. Makes for a nice walk from the visitor center on Main Street.

Keep in mind Concord has an extensive literary history from the likes of Alcott, Emerson, Hawthorne, and Thoreau not mention the company they kept with visits from Herman Melville, Margaret Fuller et al. We often frequent the bookstores in town after taking in one of the many sites to buy a book on one of these authors. Checkout: The Concord Bookshop and Barrow Bookstore.

The North Bridge Inn – Read More
Concord Colonial Inn – Read More

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